This & That

three things that made my week:

watercolor wash

Working with watercolor! I've been experimenting with layers in my artwork, and this week pulled watercolor backgrounds into the mix. I have no idea if this is an idea that I will stick with, but it's been fun to paint in the morning, and then print in the afternoon. peek

micro maidenhair fern

This micro maidenhair fern. We took a day trip to Japantown over the weekend, and walked through the Katsura Garden shop, where I spied this gorgeous plant. I've never seen such tiny, delicate leaves! I've been happily sketching this plant for the past few days.

image source: granny skills

image source: granny skills

Reading through this lovely book: The Art of the Natural Home. I'm currently fascinated by mixing up homemade cleaners, and trying new recipes. And this book is full of fun and interesting ideas. Also - @grannyskills is the best Instagram username I've seen in a while! 

Other things...